Richard Barfield

I am an independent consultant. Previously, I was a director in PwC’s consulting practice where I advised financial services clients on risk and regulatory issues. At the end of 2016, I retired from PwC and am currently an advisor to Hogan Lovells.

I follow Brexit with great interest. My contributions include:

My consulting work has involved working for clients in many industries and countries. In addition to consultancy, I have held senior line management positions, seconded from Coopers & Lybrand as Finance Director to Barclaycard and, before Coopers, as Finance Director at Hertz UK. I also served as a school governor for several years.

I am an experienced presenter and conference speaker, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a graduate of Manchester University.



Thanks to the many people who have helped me develop Brexit FactBase, including:

  • Dr. Charles Tannock, Professor L. Alan Winters, Professor Jonathan Portes, Professor Catharine Macmillan, Peter Ungphakorn, Michael O’Connor, Mike Smith, Naomi Weir and others who commented on drafts of the FactBase sections.
  • Several users for their helpful feedback and suggestions – particularly those who support leaving the EU.
  • David Hitchcock of Logical Events ( for sustained advice, help and guidance on the development of the web version of the Brexit FactBase.
  • Carlos Ribeiro and Marcio Bento of Inspirart in Lisbon for creative input to the design of the site and Maruf Rahman at BrightCherry for his valuable review.
  • David Corless, who collaborated with me on the initial presentation in 2016 and providing helpful comments on the website.



The Brexit FactBase references many excellent sources including:

  • Government and parliamentary bodies such as House of Commons Library, House of Commons Committees, House of Lords Committees, European Commission, Eurostat, Office of National Statistics;
  • International bodies such as OECD, United Nations, World Bank, World Trade Organisation, IMF;
  • Well-regarded independent bodies such as FullFact, Institute for Government, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Migration Observatory, National Institute for Economic and Social Research, Bruegel Institute, Chatham House,
  • Professional services firms and specialist bodies including: EY, Friends of the Earth, KingsFund, the Lancet, KPMG, Marine Conservation Society, PwC, Rand Corporation.


Richard Barfield Advisory Services Limited  (‘RBAS’) is a consulting firm which provides advice on Brexit and prudential risk and regulatory matters. For further information, please contact Richard Barfield at

RBAS is incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 09993013.