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1. Briefing papers

Comments: . . .Prof Chris Grey (RHUL): “This briefing on what a no-deal/WTO Brexit means (reviewed by several leading experts) really should be compulsory reading for every MP & every journalist covering Brexit”…..Prof Judith Freedman (Oxford): (On UK trade and the WTO briefing) “Best explainer on tariffs, WTO etc that I have seen”……

UK trade and the Word Trade Organisation (September 2018)

This is a briefing for non-specialists on UK trade and the trade options for the UK with Brexit.

An outstanding team of experts contributed to the paper, including Sir Martin Donnelly, Andrew Sentance CBE, Professor L Alan Winters CB, George Peretz QC and Professor George Yarrow. Thanks also to Peter Ungphakorn and Gerard Fox for their valuable contributions.

'No deal' and WTO rules (February 2019)

This is a briefing for non-specialists on what ‘going WTO’ with no deal would mean from a trade perspective. In passing, it deals with the myths associated with Article 24 of GATT.

The paper reflects contributions from Dr. Lorand Bartels, Sir Martin Donnelly, Peter Ungphakorn and Professor L Alan Winters CB. Gina Miller suggested I write the paper. Her ‘End the Chaos’ and ‘Lead not Leave’ websites published branded versions at the time.

2. Articles

Spotlight on services (January 2024 - updated)

Article takes a deep dive on services exports

  • Shows UK position is under threat
  • Probes exports by service type
  • Shows exports to EU have flatlined

Services trade - the way forward (June 2023)

Presentation at the excellent Trade Unlocked conference on 20 June 2023 at the Birmingham NEC, which covers:

  • Setting the scene – the critical role of UK service trade
  • Overview of the EU-UK trade agreement (TCA)
  • Recent services trade trends
  • Routes to a better future

Services trade - mind the gap (April 2022)

​My blog quantifies the serious shortfall emerging in UK services exports to the EU – published by UK in a Changing Europe.

The new costs for business post-Brexit (February 2021)

This article published by UK in a Changing Europe is a quick scan on the new bureaucracy and other barriers that are harming UK exports of goods and services to the EU.

The red-tape curtain - the new costs afflicting businesses after brexit (January 2021)

Read about  ‘the goods, the bad and the ugly’ and ‘services no longer available in your area’.

The red-tape curtain (February 2021)

This is the unedited version of my article (with more details) published by the Conservative European Forum.


What trading on WTO terms alone really means for Britain (November 2018)

This article, published by the UK Trade Forum, summarises some of the key implications of WTO rules for the UK. It is based on the September 2018 briefing paper.

Framework to evaluate the Johnson proposals (October 2019)

This article written for the Conservative Group for Europe assesses Johnson’s 2 October proposals from the points of view of the UK, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the EU.

‘No deal’ – are the people right? (April 2019)

This article asks what would happen more widely with no deal. It looks beyond trade and the economy to security and health. 

“an enemy of the UK would regard the wide-ranging damage from ‘no deal’ as a major victory”

Challenges with Common Market 2.0 (March 2019, updated)

This article summarises the proposal from Nick Boles MP and others for an EEA-style arrangement between the UK and the EU after Brexit. It also assesses the challenges and questions whether there is any benefit in this approach compared to EEU membership.

George Peretz QC, who advised on Common Market 2.0, kindly reviewed this article.


3. Additional resources

Brexit FactBase summary

This download captures a bullet-point summary of Brexit FactBase (as at 21 August 2022).

It’s ideal if you need Brexit talking points or prompts.


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